The Gamification of Education

It’s clear that the world is in love with gaming for everybody with every time and everywhere. However, how about at school? Every year, 1.2 million students in the U.S. alone fail to graduate from high school [Joey Lee and Jessica Hammer]. Of those who do graduate, a large percentage doesn’t have the skills they need for college as well as university.

For me, firstly, I think that playing game is really popular for students especially at the age of 13-18. That would be give risks to their education if they cannot control and manage the time with studying. The will face to fail from any examinations. Secondly, playing game will tend them to be more aggressive, more prone to confrontation with their teachers, may engage in fights with their peers, and sometime see a decline in school achievements as well.

So students should be well managing their time between studying and gaming. In addition, they might be find any methods or technique to solve that problem which making them successful in education even though playing game during their studying.

My question here is that, what if student could feel the same sense of pride, investment, and success in their school work that they feel while conquering level after level of their favorite XBox game? How might that help tip the scales?



3 thoughts on “The Gamification of Education

  1. so what is your idea or strategy to leverage playing game in students’ education?


  2. Well answering to the question, Gamification should be the popular technique and has been useful that help teachers and school deliver truly meaningful experiences to students. Gamification is the process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems (Gabe Zichermann).

    During his presentation about Gamification:

    He explained clearly that Gamification is about adding to the experience of the user, it is about motivating and engaging with the user. He said that It should not be the fiction gaming. Furthermore, “it think of it as, non-fiction gaming. It’s gaming with your real friends and your real money and your real stuff in the real world”, Gabe’s said.

    To this innovation, I do agree with him that game which we are playing should be related to our education; it should be real life and motivate us to think that it might be happened in the real world.



  3. Gaming education is really a good idea.However, as this is not a novel idea, what kind of game you are about to make? Do you think it is attractive and educative at the same time?


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