Gamification on Business

For my previous post, I have proposed the impact of the gamification on the education. Now I will go ahead my aspect of this successful concept to the business sector. Since the gamification becoming more and more popular, some companies are tended to interest in this idea.


According to CNNExpension News, Samsung gets social and creates user-generated content by rewarding users for getting engaged with the community, participating in Q&A discussions with other users, watching videos, reviewing products, and other activities. In exchange for their participation, users are awarded with badges and progress through levels of achievement. Samsung already had hundreds of thousands of visitors, so it didn’t need to put much effort into driving visitors to the site. Instead, it focused on explaining the benefits of getting involved with the community to encourage users to review products and create valuable branded content for the company.


For me, I’m sure a lot of gamers, myself included, have asked themselves if they could make real life more like their video games. Your talk makes so much sense. More and more were seeing game concepts and systems applied to real products because companies are realizing how much more engaging they can make the user experience.


Does gamification really influence to the companies platform?

Source: “Companies doing business ‘playing’”



One thought on “Gamification on Business

  1. Your question is really interesting. Gamification is becoming a buzzword in the business in the last few years to incentive the worker to help fulfill the business strategy. I think not really all the company that successfully applying this concept to meet their strategy. What must considered is to define the business problem that the company looking to solve and compare the impact of the gamification solution whether it reflects well enough to the business problem. Don’t just looking at the fun and engaging side of the gamification.


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