What types of attention are important in learning?

There are two kind of attention that is important in learning skills:

  • Top-Down Attention: it is the attention that comes willingly toward a desired goal like reading a book on a crowded train. This kind of attention will control the allocation of processing the resource and prerequisite to the declarative learning (i.e. remember the phone number of your friend when he said it out.) In addition, the top-down attention will facilitate most of the learning skills.
  • Sustained attention: it is the ability to hold focus from second to minutes. One should be able to be able to focus long enough to complete the tasks. Moreover, it is also a basic requirement for information processing. When it is difficult to a person to sustain their attention, they also have the possibility to adapt to environmental demands.

In conclusion, we have the first kind of attention in willing to do something and sustained attention is for holding the attention for a long time to complete that task.

                 Attentions in Learning


Video game play, attention, and learning: how to shape the development of attention and influence learning?
By Pedro Cardoso-Leitea and Daphne Baveliera


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