Gamification in Pharma

There are many applications were built already to consume customer’s health care service. For instance, “Nike+ app” which can track how far you have run, rewarding your achievement with virtual trophies, and placing you on leadership boards. They can make you funny and doing exercise to make the weight loss or smoking cessation.

Now the advertisers and marketers are waking up to the potential of gamification.  Indeed, online websites are adopted with the concept of gamification, awarding points for engagement and achieving goal. Likewise the mobile location tracker Foursquare awards badges and perks for users who check in most. Otherwise, gamification in healthcare communication can be taken a lot in the future. The example of “Paper to Patient” HCP education program; has been use the number of gaming mechanics to come up with a free compromise. The approach has solved by encouraging HCPs to engage with otherwise dense material. As the result, more than 15000HCPs have been used “Paper to Patient”.


To me, it’s quite new challenge with the funny concept of gaming in the pharma approach. As i knew, there are many companies as well as hosital are use this concept. Since it was easily to understand and encouraging them as the realistic life, it would be pursue a lot of patients to use this service in the future.



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