Game can also be used to develop attention the first example is that the French psychologist Alfred Binet use the “Statue” game to help children improve their attention skill required in school. Children has to take a pose as long as they can although there are distraction around them. The children will try to out perform their friends. In my opinion, this will help them be able to stand to somthing else that can distract them.

Another test from Dye and Bavelier, they tested top-down attentional skills of 7–22 year olds focusing on top-down attention in space(Visual Search), in time (attentional blink paradigm), or over objects as in the multiple object tracking (MOT) paradigm.

The participants are presented a set of identical objects moving in space and asked to keep track of a subset of them. They have found that children who play action game can outperformed the others. Moreover, this group of children can reach the ability of non-player adult in performing the attention in time test (Blink) by age of 7-10 and the attention to object by age of 11-13 years.

In my opinion, it can be seen that the use of technology can affect in a good way but still it can be worse if we use it in a wrong way or over use it.

Resource: Video game play, attention, and learning: how to shape the development of attention and influence
learning? By Pedro Cardoso-Leite and Daphne Bavelier



  1. Gaming doesn’t really give the negative impacts to the children or the players at all. It depends up on which is the purpose of your game which aims for which target users. Since majority of children really fascinated with the area of gaming today it is the interesting idea to exploit the gaming in the educational field to help them do even better in school. I think the gaming protocol and the context of the game should be carefully designed and implemented.


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