Gaming can make a better world

That’s a good new for gamers who like spend their time on gaming. Indeed, playing game not even made their self-fun, relax, and challenging; otherwise could be help the world better. How come the game designer can make the game for inspire players helping the real world better?

According to TED talks by Jane McGonigal about “Gaming can make a better world”, she remarked some interesting links between gaming and motivation. For example, she clarified that playing game is to escape from the real world suffering, using game to get away from everything broken in the real environment, and everything that not satisfy about the real life. She stated three famous game that she was created which give the people the means to create the epic win in their own future, e.g. World Without Oil game. In addition, she links gaming to developing the 4C’s (collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking).

This video inspired me to attempt to integrate the aspects from game theory into curriculum design. Gaming/Game-based Learning is definitely a tricky use in the classroom. It is all about finding a good balance but is definitely doable. I think we should use it because learners love games so why can’t learning be fun sometimes?
What do you think? Does gaming have a negative or positive impact on children and learning?

Source: TED Talks by Jane McGonigal: