Gesturing with hands is a powerful tool for children’s math learning

Most children usually use their hand to gesture when they want to calculate the math numbers or complexity equation. That was the easy way to improve a deep understanding of the problem they were taught, based on the new research from the University of Chicago’s department of Psychology.

The research found that, acting gave children a relatively shallow understanding of a novel mathematic concept, whereas gesturing led to deeper and more flexible learning with a convenient approach. Moreover, gesturing encourage the learners to create their knowledge they had gained during instruction, concrete gesture somewhere in between and action least effective. Children will appear to learn underlying concept from their action only insofar as those action can be interpreted symbolically.

To me, abstract gestures are very useful and powerful tool for helping children understand and create mathematical principle. For instance, as shown in the picture, children will be first presume to calculate (2+9) that led to equal 11 then will add with 4 to get the result of 15. Therefore, gesturing help them to find the way to get solution quickly with more accuracy rate instead of try to calculate the whole complexity equation.guesture



One thought on “Gesturing with hands is a powerful tool for children’s math learning

  1. I absolutely agree with that. It reminds me about my study in the primary school that I learnt to count the number and do the basic calculation by using all of fingers from hand to toe. It was really fun and really help calculating quite fast and clear.


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