The reasons why cartoon is most popular for children?

Many children around the world like watching cartoon on Television, also now is popular in smart devices as well. To learn and know how they like watching it, many researchers were published a lot of reports.

According to Rizzitrinidad, a fourth year student at Eastern Visayas State University, illustrates three main aspects that lead some children prefer to watch the cartoon. Firstly, the cartoons on the TV are fun to watch; for instance Tom and Jerry, School house rock, The little mermaid, and so on. These cartoons made children watch them almost all days when they are free. Next reason is that children can study many things from cartoons easily since they are funny and not dull. The last reason is that cartoons are fantastical, which means that they are not realistic.

So for my idea, cartoon really make most children funny and make them away from feeling bored. They can learn many things from the scene such as culture, history, mathematic, difference languages,  and somehow the make the drawing picture of cartoons, etc. That is why many young people are addicted to watching cartoons.

Did you have any reasons or idea why children like watching cartoon?



3 thoughts on “The reasons why cartoon is most popular for children?

  1. I would also consider the fact that a lot of adults like cartoons (anime) and maybe consider if there is indeed a difference between children and adults in terms of why cartoons would be fun. The reasons stated here also apply to adults I would think, however I do also think that cartoons appeal more to children…


  2. Well, we can say that cartoon having both positive and negative sides are most famous and popular entertainment for all ages people. However what i proposed this topic into my post since the cartoon really give positive side to children. In adding to my post, cartoon help children to release their stress, making them helful in visual leaning and color, watching cartoon will enhance the talents of children, and helpful to tends children to respect their parents and elders.


  3. I agree, I think cartoons and children programs are important in the education of kinds, I myself learnt English with cartoons. As a society we should take this popular tool to educate kinds


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