How young is too young?

It’s a simple question for those parents making a debate every day, what age should their kids be allowed to have their own cell phones? Since the reality is that most kids have mobile devices, or smart phones well before high school.

According to a 2010 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are various percentage of children at the age of 8 to 17 that using mobile devices. He found out that 85% of those aged 14 to 17 are being use the cell phone, and from the age of 11 to 14 are about 70%. However, he was surprised that around 30% of kids between 8 to 10 years old are using the smart phone devices now days. But what do you think that which age should we allow them to use it?

In my opinion, there is no reason for a child or young teen to have a cell phone.  Parents use it as a way to keep track of their kids – which is silly.  A phone is not a substitute for knowing where your kids are at and what they’re up to. I think they need it just because other kids had phones at young ages. Kids these days don’t appreciate much of anything, because parents just hand it over as fast as they can. Parents aren’t obligated to keep up with fads, and phones are not a necessity when kids are young.



2 thoughts on “How young is too young?

  1. Times change, I got my first phone at 19 but these days young teens have phones, I don’t say that kids should have a phone at a certain age, but I believe in educating the kids on how to use the phone responsibly. Am sure most kids have phones to be constantly connected on social media, so the challenge is to educate them about the danger of social media, and how to use it responsibly. As times has changed, we should adapted to it.


  2. That should be a good options if most of them know the pros and con of using cell phone and use it in the right ways. However as we know social media is becoming impressive and acttractive, it would be force their parent much more difficult to tracking their child.


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