Have you ever think of developing an app at 12 years old?

For this last post, I would like to thank all of you that spending your time commenting, sharing your idea, and also discussing with me during this master year. I hope you all have been learned something new within all of my posts.

As conclusion, I will end up with a twelve year old smart kid, Thomas Suarez, who made an IPhone application and really successful for that. During his presentation on TED talks, he explained some tips of how children can develop the apps for Iphone devices. A lot of kids like playing game, but why do not they think of how to build it?

A simple answer would be, because they don’t know how to start? So how did Thomas make this? Going to school is not enough to accomplish his goal. He has to take time for more research. That’s very impressive that he can program in multiple languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, etc. Hence based on his knowledge, he can make the app using software development kit.

To me, that kid is so cool, I couldn’t even think about making some new dishes at 12, but he decided to what he wanted and made it. I really envy him for his challenging spirit, I learn from him that there is no perfect time to do what I want, it is now. He didn’t wait the time, he just did it. I really respect him doing like that. And he also teaches me how much being specialized at something is important. He makes me try to do more deeper on areas in which I’m interested.

Source: http://www.ted.com/talks/thomas_suarez_a_12_year_old_app_developer#t-106826


3 thoughts on “Have you ever think of developing an app at 12 years old?

  1. It is very impressive that he could develop the app from a very young age and he could program in many languages. He is not only like playing games but also enjoy making app by his own interest. New technologies are emerging every day and internet tends to be usable every time and every where. Going to school somehow might not get enough for them to fill ones need in the fast manner. What would you suggest to encourage young ages not only enjoy playing game but also turn the idea that they also could develop their own apps?


  2. Yes its very impressive that he is a developer, I feel there is potential for more young minds like him to be developers, nowadays every young kind has access to computers and even own a start of the art phones. I feel that schools should encourage the kinds to do learn such skills as programming and parents efforts are needed. Some kinds really what to be developers but they’re not receiving enough support. We need to support them.


  3. Yes, it’s true that every kids should have much more challenge like this. They could start like this so that the have a lot of experience for the future life.


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