Art Therapy

Not only art can be use as the form of indication to the mind. It can also used as the mind therapy.

Cathy Malchiodi Art therapy is “a modality for self-understanding, emotional change and personal growth.”

The art therapy can be used in many groups of people from the children to elderly, prisoner, and even physical disability people to psychological disorder.

Inner Experience

Art Therapy is more about inside of yourselves including your feeling, your imagination and what you have seen. From the art it shows the image of your mind rather than what that person have seen from the outside world.

Art Therapy Exercise

Emotion: drawing a line can simply show how you’re feeling. The result of a research shows that Sad are mostly expressed by downward curving lines.
Happy or positive emotion had curvilinear and upward movement.
Depressed can also include downward movement.
Excited are illustrate with more outward-reaching lines and shapes.

You may want to see what you have felt today.

Art Therapy



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