Developing Fine Motor Skill in Children with Tablet

The tablet can help developing children’s motor skills. Fine Motor can be simply known as Small Muscles. It includes the muscle in fingers, hands and their arms to control/use tools or material. This skill is an important skill for writing, drawing, and other activities in children’s every-day life.

The use of technology to encourage children in commitment to the activities

The director of therapy of therapy at Associates in Pediatric Therapy in Louisville, Ky., she purchased her first iPad in 2010 shortly thereafter, and has been using these devices in her therapy sessions ever since.

The application in the tablet or the tablet itself makes it more of an interactive experience. The most important thing is the input characteristic is the “Touch Input”. This aspect can help children in the motor skill as well. We can illustrate that when we touch the screen children have to:

Isolating their index finger: by pressing icons on a smart phone or tablet while playing games. This helps children to be able to move one finger apart from the rest of the hand/fingers.

Pushing button: when pushing the button/screen, it develops motor skill like push-button activities This helps the strength and motor control.

Do you think that it is appropriate or not that children use tablet/smartphone?



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