Drawing and thinking

Drawing can indicate emotions, self-esteem, and self competency as well as one’s personality. Strong emotion will come in form of image not from word.

Children tend to receive art therapy. Because it can help children in creating self- expression, explore conflict, and exercise the control over the reality that they perceive. Art provide safe and enjoyable. This means that it encourage children to explore, make decision, and solve problem. It illustrates their inner world without having to rely on words.

It is an informal way of understanding of what the children’s struggles and their internal world. Drawing can use to help the child gain insight and to review progress through drawing records. Especially, children who are shy, quiet, impulsive have speech and language difficulties.

There is a case study of 7-year old student who lost her mother and have a problem with school. In the drawing, the school can perceive that that student has the feeling of helplessness, anxiety, and need to feel the important in connection to other people.

What do you think of what it shows when you draw? Have you ever drawn in class when you feel bored or what have you thought when you draw?


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