Not so fancy but greatly facilitate in “Social Support” works

To be able to access or to approach people with mental illnesses is difficult. Imagine if you have to work in community service, you go everywhere to meet clients in inconvenient place like on the street, talking to them and have to fill-in their information in a place where there is no desk. The tablet can be a great candidate.

The case study of “Laurie Bayless”, a community services, she works with people with mental illness. Some has a problem with socialization. Some even does not have a home. Therefore, she must go in and out the office to meet them, talk to them, let them sigh the papers, and to submit paper to the office works.

In her job, not only the use of tablet instead of the computer, data connection is also important. She can help her clients with general information but it is greatly so important to those people; about living place, food recipe, searching for her client’s symptom, taking pictures of the clients, etc.Other than using the tablet with her client, she uses it with her own works in her car, so she does not need to go back to her office. At the end of the day, she can finish her work in the car.

This kind of tablet ability may not be so fancy to us but it is important support for Laurie. It is not only help Laurie but it can help those people who have difficulties to access information. It just the other way of using tablet.

Have you ever seen people using the capability of tablet in facilitating their work?



2 thoughts on “Not so fancy but greatly facilitate in “Social Support” works

  1. It’s a good use of a tablet, because it’s portable and easy to carry. For the people who are constantly on the move a tablet is a good choice, but in the office I would prefer a PC. I wouldn’t use it, for something else unless am on constantly on the move.


    • Yes, I agree with you that I prefer the PC or the laptop instead of tablet in the office. But I never realize that Tablet can be used with work in reality or really portable for some people like this. Also, it really use a basic capability of its device. As we are in engineering field, we may think too much about fancy feature.

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