Tablet VS. Paper: Environment

With accessories for Tablet or Smart Phone these days, it facilitates users for more convenience for smart device to act as everything; music instrument, medical instrument, and other tools like a notebook. Not only for touching/typing on the screen, but for more convenience in the writing with the help of the accessory like Stylus or embedded pen together with paper like application.

Environmental Paper Network has reported that if we produce one paper using all new resource, 0.03 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents being released into the atmosphere. While an iPad uses about 3 watts per hour, releasing only 0.004 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents. If you are picky enough to find a recycle paper, 0.017 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents is released.

If we deeply talk about how one tablet can be produced, it is going to be a lengthy discussion about if it is really save the environment. BUT think of you already have one smart device.

We may conclude that we tried to use the resource in hand for most powerful as possible. As everyone has a smart device, you may use it sometime instead of using paper. Also, you may use your tablet as long as possible before buying a new one is also help.

If you tend to have your mind into an environmental care people, have you ever thought of taking a note using your smart device?



One thought on “Tablet VS. Paper: Environment

  1. I think, you can not substitute paper for anything, yes tablet are easy to use, and energy efficient. We had the PC for decades now and we still use paper. There will be always a limited requirement of paper. I people can do without paper and pen in there hands, or the feel and smell of a new book as of now.


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