Politics and Technology

For the last post, I will bring you to a broader look at politics and technology.

What makes the life different these days?

In the past, the big change in people life depends on politics and politicians. Nowadays, the information technology revolution has changed the way human beings, it embeds in every time and everywhere; education, medicine, transportation, etc. Now even the way we raised our child.

When taking technology into account, it makes politics seem to be something obsolete comparing to technology industries that something comes in and out the industries, it tends to be cheaper and cheaper, which support the ways we live.
In some situations, technology can be considered like a shortcut comparing to politics considered as a normal path.

In the countries that lack basic infrastructure – an accessible transport network, a reliable legal system, a usable banking sector – phones enable people to create their own networks of ownership and exchange.”

Mobile banking eliminates the need for cash and allows people in rural areas to transfer and receive money without exorbitant fees or the expense of traveling to a remote village to deposit or receive cash. And according to the World Bank, mobile signals now cover 90 percent of the world’s poor.

This makes it possible for the people who live in isolated rural areas to do business outside of their local communities. Technology caused this to happen; government didn’t.

In my opinion, sometimes government does not do what they should do while they tried to use the Populism Policy, like in Thailand, that uses a lot of money to invest in Tablet and give it to a children, while does not have a clear regulation/control over its uses. They can use resource in hand first and manage it in an optimal way. I do not know how it happened in Belgium, China or your country, Let’s share!





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